Asset management

Management competences are a distinctive feature of our financial management strategy. We invest our own funds and funds of our clients into business projects which we manage.

First of all, we are interested in enterprises in which we can own or manage assets for 100% capital of the business. Portfolio investments have almost no representation in our investment portfolio.

The Group of Companies “Russian Investments” admits a possibility of business with other partners, but in this case we see as task to construct a joint management team.

In any industry we make a stake on dynamic professionals, positive and effective specialists. Therefore, for each project we prefer creating a separate project company.

The Group of Companies “Russian Investments” has long-term experience of enterprise management for the benefit of the clients (beneficiaries). The Group is ready to provide legal entities (managing companies) which will perform for our clients functions of a Director General (governing body) of the managed company. Also we carry out management work on the basis of cooperation agreements, powers of attorney, managing partner functions.

The particular feature of our work is that we do not see as the main object advertising and capitalization of our own brand. First of all, we carry out activity in the interests of clients, their business capitalization growth and fulfillment of the tasks put by them. Therefore, we are ready to conduct management activities depending on the wishes of our clients, both publicly, and in confidence.

On the other hand, out group of companies is ready to provide the public side of business communication, PR support and business representation in the field of public relations.

We are not afraid of conflict situations, but we take strive to avoid them when conducting asset management. Our principle is to resolve issues by negotiations and to strictly follow the reached agreements. Also, the Group of Companies “Russian Investments” absolutely rejects raider methods of project management.

A considerable direction for our business is financial asset management of private clients. At the same time, we invest funds only in those industries and projects with which our group has essential practical experience. Our primary clients in this direction are private clients representing large and medium business.

Services associated with management which we provide to our clients include complete servicing in the field of asset management. For this purpose, the group of companies has specialists in the field of civil law and corporate legal service, experts in audit, accounting, assessment, financial improvement.

By the second half of 2016, the Group of Companies “Russian Investments” was managing 211 213 sq.m. of real properties and financial assets of 24 major customers (on terms of financial consulting).

The largest managed real estate asset is the mall “Silver city”. Its website is www.silvercity.ru. The area of mall exceeds 100 000 sq.m.

Presentation of shopping and entertainment complex “Silver City” for tenants and partners