Sale and lease of real estate

Real estate activity for sale and lease of elite real estate is carried out by online project www.bellavistaestate.com. The project is carried out in cooperation with Malerba Group (Italy). Our partner project www.casebellavista.com has been operating in the market since 1988 in the field of different classes of real estate.

In the conditions of rapid technology growth only on-going updating of IT and production platforms and dynamic management can lead to commercial success. For passive investors one of the most stable directions of investment becomes unique real estate located in historical locations. These are eternal values, unique types and environments which cannot be replicated.

Such real estate properties worldwide also form the basis of the Bella Vista Estate directory. Experts of the company offer personal servicing and the full range of services of after-sale service, including management, leasing, operational services, reconception, participation of architects and decorators, construction and repair works.

Bella Vista Estate forms a lifestyle which can be expressed by the motto “Art to Live with Taste!”