Restoration activity

“Russian investments” GC takes part in projects associated with restoration of historical buildings and structures in Saint-Petersburg, Pskov and Ivanovo regions.

We support the activity of All-Russian Non-Profit Organization “Foundation of Architectural Monuments”. We welcome the process of handing-over of architectural monuments to private owners capable of authentic recovery of the historical appearance of buildings and their efficient operation without causing damage to the condition of objects of cultural heritage.

In 2002, for the purpose of support of attention to the historical appearance of the Northern Capital, our Group initiated the publishing of the monthly magazine “Petersburg Addresses”.

We conduct restoration activity in the city of Ples. The Group provides financial support to the charity foundation “Pride of the Fatherland” www.bf-go.ru. With our support, social movement for support of protection of objects of cultural heritage and civilized town-planning activity “ArkhDozor” has been created in Ivanovo region.

We support the activity of Ples local historical society and city newspaper “Ples Gazette”.

Our restorers perform complex works in the field of the Dutch and ceramic tiling, restoration of stucco molding, manufacture of individual wooden floor coverings, tinwork, works on cutting of individual lattices, galvanic works on chromium and nickel plating, restoration works with pieces of furniture and art and craft items.