About the Group

The Group of Companies “Russian investments” has been active in the market since October 1999. The primary business of the Group is carried out in the territory of the Russian Federation – in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Ivanovo region, Moscow region, Leningrad region, Tver region, Pskov region, Yaroslavl region, Stavropol Territory, Rostov region. In addition, the Group of Companies carries on business in other countries – Italy, the United Arab Emirates, France, Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Latvia.

“Russian investments” GC unites over 25 companies and entrepreneurs, with each member of the Group specializing and managing its personal profile project. Coordination and consultative functions are vested with the Board of Directors of the Group which develops general principles of activity of the companies and gives recommendations to project managers.

“Russian investments” GC specializes in rendering management services to clients. Both separate enterprises and business processes (solution of management challenges) can be the subject of management.

In the first case, the Group is ready to provide for clients certain legal entities (management companies) that will fulfill the functions of the Director General (governing body) of the managed company. In addition, we carry on managerial work on the basis of cooperation agreements or official powers of attorney.

In the latter case, our Group of Companies renders services associated with fulfillment of corresponding transactions (for example, in the field of mergers and acquisitions) or optimization of business processes for the benefit of the clients.

“Russian investments” GC also makes own direct investments into profile sectors of economy.

The primary fields of business, in which companies of our Group operate:

  1. Real estate and construction, including:
  • development,
  • consulting,
  • management,
  • arrangement of transactions,
  • fulfillment of functions of investor, customer – developer, technical supervisor,
  • services associated with safety and security, as well as cleaning in property complexes.
  1. Management of assets and private direct investments, financial consulting
  2. Anticrisis management of businesses
  3. Retail real estate
  4. Foundry industry
  5. New industrial technologies
  6. Publishing activities
  7. Trading in metal products
  8. Retail trading
  9. Internet and IT
  10. Intelligence games
  11. Restoration activity
  12. Investments in the field of art
  13. Marketing and advertising
  14. Development and production of high-tech materials

The Group of Companies “Russian investments” in its activity observes the Code of Ethics approved by the Board of Directors.

As an active member of the Russian business – community, “Russian investments” GC welcomes the focus on increase of transparency, legality and liability of Russian business which is maintained by the Russian Federation after election of V.V. Putin as the President of the Russian Federation. As our object we see development of new management technologies, application of modern materials and technologies. For several years the Group of Companies has supported research projects on the subject of “Technological Development and Future Economy”.

наши приоритеты


Maximizing client income as a result of our activity


Strict observance of all liabilities assumed by us


Acting in compliance with statutory regulations and requirements of the Law


Financial transparency of managed companies


Respect for strategy, requirements and tasks of clients


Observance of the confidentiality and trade secret principles